Neural Composite Graph AutoML

It learns your training strategies, MLOps Design patterns, and use cases



Generates the best model training strategy & decision making system

Our innovative method synthesizes top Pipeline Index™  practices for reliable, controllable data model design.

Unlock complex AI infrastructure to support advanced decision making capabilities

Deploys composite pipelines, allowing you to leverage automated MLOps design pattern methods for decision making systems.


Competitive edge over your competition:

Experience the future of automated, efficient pipeline design with Aktiver, accelerating your go-to-market time while ensuring swift experiment automation. Our AutoML facilitates easy export and import of composite pipelines, enhancing reproducibility and effectiveness in your ML/AI goals. 

Aktiver's advanced AI enabled MLOps approach supports complex decision-making systems, preparing you for growth and a future-ready data strategy. Don't wait, invest in Aktiver today and revolutionize your data infrastructure for a powerful tomorrow.

Automated Decision Science

We simplify the auto-deployment of intricate decision-making systems with composite pipelines. Our unified strategy facilitates flexible pipeline block selection to compose together for REAL WORLD advanced AI systems.

Auto Deploys to Cloud or Edge/IoT

Aktiver operates ubiquitously, whether on cloud or remote on edge/IoT, meeting your diverse needs.